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Rajesh Menon

His love for photography began in the late 90's on his first exploratory wandering in the Himalayas with couple of his friends.

He met his Spiritual Guide Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari in 2002.  His passion for photography further evolved when he volunteered to became  part of his Guide's media team and wandered across India as his  photographer 

In 2010 he wandered  into Spiti, the cold desert mountains of the  of the Himalayan ranges in India. Some of the people he met there are still very close to his heart and he keeps visiting Spiti and them.

His Spiritual Guide passed over in 2014. He holds on to his Guide's spiritual successor Shri. Kamlesh Patel who is the global guide of Heartfulness. He continues to be a photographer for the media team and travels with his present spiritual guide when ever time permits.

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Why choose me

Passionate, spiritual and professional approach

A story teller who loves to learn from life and fellow travellers

light Composer

His journeys with his Guide has made him well versed in low light photography.

Life Skills

Heartfulness trainer, Photographer, Designer,  Traveller, Baker, Cook, Gardener, Painter, and a travel companion

Perfect Equipment

the very best of DSLR Cameras and Lenses